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Welcome to arod.studio, where innovation meets reliability. Our expertise in developing dApps transcends the norm, offering you a portfolio of services that ensure your project's success. We focus on delivering high-quality, seamless applications tailored to empower and engage the end-user.



Harness the Power of Web3.

  • .frontend-development
    Elevating user interaction with sleek, responsive interfaces. Our frontend solutions ensure seamless and engaging user experiences.
  • .smart-contracts-backend
    Secure, scalable Web3 applications. We create trustworthy smart contracts and robust backend systems.
  • .web3-consulting
    Strategic insights for the Web3 landscape. We offer the guidance needed for impactful blockchain solutions.
  • .custom-development-design
    Turning ideas into reality with custom designs and development that resonate with your audience.


A full-service product and tool development company, Web3 studio focuses on creating solutions for businesses and decentralized autonomous groups (DAOs).

Our team of skilled specialists can assist enterprises and organizations of all sizes in defining and carrying out their vision thanks to their expertise in the newest technology.

We offer the knowledge and experience to make your ideas a reality, from custom software and consulting services to web and mobile development.

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Our skilled team helps enterprises of all sizes bring their vision to life with the latest tech, from custom software to web and mobile dev.

  • .dutch-auction-whitelabel
    Our Dutch auction platform stands out with advanced features like Rebate, discount for allowlist members, and buy with rebate options. Audited for security, it's designed to drive success in your auctions.
  • .web3-consulting
    Partner with us for comprehensive Web3 consulting. We help build your project with a focus on maximizing potential, leveraging our deep understanding of blockchain technology.
  • .custom-development-and-design
    From innovative Web3 products and apps to MVPs and proposals, we're here to bring your ideas to life with our expert design and technical support.


As an experienced web developer and tech manager from Brazil, I've been in the web engineering industry for +15 years. I've worked in various roles at publicity agencies, fintech companies, and product-oriented firms.

Two years ago, I founded arod.studio and shifted my focus to full-time web3 development. As the owner, I do more than just development and QA. I also manage people and lead projects. Right now, I specialize in NFT projects and am actively working with Fingerprints DAO.

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